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-     62 room Limited-service lodging facility which was  opened  in June 2013 opened and expanded & renovated  in  May 2014  with 1.6 Acres(69,600735sq. ft  has restaurant, lounge, and a vending area.


- REVENUE( Year end March) :2018) $2,254,655 (Room : $1,526,540, Restaurant : $728,115)--There have  been no major project for last 18 months

                                                 2017)$3,104,726(Room:$2,070,562, Restaurant : $1,034,614)

                                                 2016)$3,113,877(Room:$2,017,251, Restaurant : $1,096,626) 

                                                 2015)$2,658,714(Room:$1,647,731, Restaurant : $664,228)

- NET OPERATING INCOME: 2018 :$669,834 By using  restaurant rental income  $60,000/Y instead of operation ,   2017:$1,173,789, 2016 : $1,141,018, 2015 : $843,314


New hospital and LNG Pipe line project  that will  be big positive  in this hotel.

Restaurant  has been leased out  with $7,000/m since September 2018 .




. The district municipality is included in the regional district of xxxxxxx-xxxxxx. The xxxxxxx-xxxxxx region is the largest land area within British Columbia, but it has the smallest population. According to census data, the town’s population increased to 2,278 in 2011 from 1,876 in 2006, an increase of approximately 21%. The municipality forecasts that xxxxxxxs’ population in 2016 was around 4,500, nearly doubling since 2011. The surge in population can be attributed to the investment and growth that the area has seen.


xxxxxxxxx has a resource-based economy that has diversified over the years into the industries of forestry, mining, agriculture, tourism, and, most recently, bio- energy. As a result of the industrial activity in the surrounding area, the town prospers from high rates of employment and through-traffic. Given the resource- dependent economy, however, the small municipality of xxxxxxx is highly affected by shifts in the forestry and mining sectors.


As of 2011, the manufacturing sector mainly in forestry goods was the largest source of employment in xxxxxxxx accounting for 27% of the employed workforce. Retail trade was the second-largest employer, accounting for 16% of employed positions in the area. Agriculture and public administration each employ 8% of the employed workforce.


The xxxxxxxxx Mine, located just 90 minutes from xxxxx, is a major source of employment in the region. Excluding contractors and ancillary services, the mine employs 400 workers, at least 60% of whom are estimated to be hired from communities within the region. The mine entails a conventional open-pit copper and gold mine and a concentrator with a 60,000-tpd-design-capacity processing plant. xxxxxxxx Mine  was commissioned in 2013 and has an estimated mine life of 22 years.


The LNG sector is expected to become a major contributor to the area’s growth and development, as the xxxxxxxxx municipality is within the social impact area of five of the province’s proposed LNG projects, namely the Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project, the Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission Project, the Coastal Gaslink Pipeline, the Pacific Northern Gas Pipeline, and the Pacific Trail Pipeline.

Overall,xxxxxxxx is benefitting from industry investments and projects taking place in the area. The biomass project will be the first to become operational, as a part of four biomass facilities outlined by BC Hydro. As a result of this activity, the town is seeing growth in the number of people passing through.

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RE : FH1500406929

I hereby acknowledge that information regarding above business(es) and /or Seller(s) is being provided to me SECRECY and CONFIDENCE and is to be used solely for the purpose of assessing the prospective purchase of the business(es) or property through Maxwell Canyon Creek Realty Francis Lee.

I agree that such information will be held in strict confidence, that all matters concerning the a aforementioned property will be handled through Maxwell Canyon Creek Realty Francis Lee, that I will not approach or attempt to deal with the owners or employees either directly or indirectly.

I agree not to disclose any of the information given in connection herewith, either directly, or indirectly, to third parties, except direct support people; nor will I use, or assist others to use, any such information for competitive trade purpose or to circumvent Maxwell Canyon Creek Realty in any transaction or contact with the Seller(s). I agree not to make copies any of the material provided and to return all of it if I discontinue interest in the Business. The material and information furnished is believed to be reliable for the purpose of evaluating the business.
Further, I agree that all inquires, investigations, negotiations, offers to purchase, and/or letters of intent must be made through Maxwell Canyon Creek Realty Francis Lee. I agree to protect and not disclose the confidentiality of the information I receive permanently, even if I choose not to purchase the said business or property.

I agree that any breach of the Confidential Agreement (the “Agreement”), directly or indirectly, will be harmful to the Seller(s) and Maxwell Canyon Creek Realty . In consideration for the information given, I agree that the laws of Alberta will govern this Agreement and that all actions that may arise in law and or equity shall be brought in Alberta.

Accepted and agreed this 16 day of October, 2019.





  I agree.